Winning Strategy: Johnny Collinson Is Climbing Back to The Summit

Almost from birth, Johnny Collinson has been proving there are no obstacles too high to overcome.

By age 4, Collinson had already climbed the summit of Washington’s Mount Rainier. Before his 18th birthday, he went on to climb the highest peak on every continent—becoming the youngest person to scale the Seven Summits.

Today, Collinson, one of the world’s top freestyle skiers, is one step closer to completing a different type and perhaps his most challenging uphill climb: regaining his top form after a horrifying downhill mountain crash nearly ripped apart most of his knee nearly two years ago.

For the Red Bull athlete, known worldwide for dazzling social media and YouTube viewers with death-defying 360s, half pipes and other freestyle feats, getting his two feet back to the top of powder-packed mountains has been the goal since being sidelined with an injury that’s required multiple surgeries, grueling months of inactivity and lots of uncomfortable rehab…. Read More

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