Starbucks Inspired Homemade Protein Bistro Snack Pack

Starbucks-Inspired Protein Snack Pack

Starbucks Copycat Protein Bistro Packs
You know those packaged Starbucks Bistro Protein Packs? I love to pick them up along with my “Tall, Decaf, Soy, No Foam Latte” (yes, a little high maintenance order there…but I can’t have caffeine and I want as much soy milk as possible so no foam…but I digress). Anyway, the latte is already $3.75 and the protein pack “snack” adds another $5.25 to the order and poof…the balance on my Starbucks app goes away pretty quickly.

Every time I pick one up, I think “I can make this myself.” Also, I don’t eat the cheese that’s inside so I’m wasting food – in addition to the plastic container. But the little tasty bread rounds are my favorite and the limiting factor in making the packs myself.

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