Simple Lemon Yogurt Cake (Dairy Free!)

I first made a version of this lemon yogurt cake by Ina Garten over 10 years ago and STILL remember it. It’s seriously that good! I’ve been craving this cake lately, but because I’ve been dairy-free while breastfeeding, I’ve had to do a little adapting to the recipe. With a few ingredient swaps, I think I came up with something pretty awesome! Perhaps even better than the original.

Whether you need to eat dairy free or not, give this version a try My husband couldn’t believe how good it turned out with my substitutions. It was spongy, moist, with a good crust and a slight tang–everything a lemon cake is supposed to be.

Now that it’s springtime and getting closer to those hotter summer months, a lemon cake is the perfect recipe to enjoy outside on a beautiful day. It’s great served with coffee for a patio brunch or after an al fresco dinner party. This cake just calls for fresh air and sunny weather! And if you’re still waiting on warm wea… Read More

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