Rachel Daniels: Overnight Physique Champion

That flash in the sky, what could it be? A comet? A meteor? No, it’s the meteoric rise of the career of pro physique champion Rachel Daniels!

Some excellent muscle contest competitors need to pay a lot of dues, taking many years to earn their pro cards. Not so for Rachel. I went online looking for information on her while doing research for this article. I was surprised to find so little. And then, when I interviewed Rachel, I realized why—she only began competing in 2018 and, remarkably, quickly qualified for an IFBB pro card.

The amazing Rachel is an IFBB Pro Women’s Physique competitor, personal trainer, and nutrition & posing coach. Rachel, who’s sponsored by the Tampa-based Titan Medical Center, began her body building career in 2018, moving from the European PCA League’s Bikini division to the NPC League’s Women’s Physique and Bodybuilding divisions in 2019, holding titles in each league and category.

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