Potato Leek Casoncelli with Walnut Pesto

A recipe for casoncelli pasta filled with potatoes, leeks, fresh ricotta, and Grana Padano, served with walnut pesto. In partnership with LaCucinaItaliana.com.
Potato Leek Casoncelli Pasta with Walnut Pesto #recipe | FoodforMyFamily.com
We have officially dipped into freezing temperatures. We covered the garden beds with straw and leaves for the year, and the final harvest picked and carried inside. The lawn was raked and bagged and then promptly littered with a fresh blanket of yellow and red leaves, and the chickens rush into the coop earlier and earlier each evening.

Inside, we’ve taken to soups and baked goods, willingly turning the oven on to help warm our cold kitchen space. And while I enjoy the contentment that comes with autumn, I’m in denial that winter is around the corner. I turn… Read More

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