How to Run with a Baby: 10 tips to enjoy it & stay safe

One of the things I was most looking forward to when I was pregnant was running with our baby. I ran all throughout my pregnancy, and I even ran the day I went to the hospital to have him. I eagerly looked forward to running with him once he was old enough and now that he’s almost two, we still run together, although not as often! (His patience in the stroller is lower since he wants to get out and walk and play!)

Although I’ve run for 20+ years, getting out the house to run is much more of an ordeal now that I’m a mom, especially if Thomas is coming along. I have to consider all sorts of things like what time is best for us to run around his eating and sleeping schedules; the weather (too hot? too cold? rainy? windy?); if I need water or snacks for me and/or him; I have to think about my running mechanics; and, most importantly, I have to make sure Thomas is safe and happy. Granted, it’s easier now that he’s a little older, but in those earlier … Read More

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