Hello there.

It's almost been a whole year since I lost my dad. As September 4th approaches, I got all the feels. I lost it at the farmers market on Saturday holding a plum because they were his favorite. The day before his health declined to the point of hospice, I mHi.
Is this on?

It’s been a LONG time. Long time. Over a year. So, hello.

Oh, what’s happened since I last blogged? Lots and also not much. My beloved father’s health declined due to Parkinson’s and arthritis, then he had a stroke, and in September 2017, he left all that pain and discomfort and went to a place where he could garden, eat cake, and watch baseball.

I’ve been pretty active on Instagram showing lunch with mom, Cidney the Girl Dog, and stuff I’ve been eating.
I want to get back to blogging because I need to keep track of recipes, and remember what … Read More

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