Dorie’s Cookies – Jammers with Jam and Dulce de Leche

Dorie's Cookies - Jammers
Dorie’s Cookies is out! 
Dorie’s Cookies is out!Dorie’s Cookies is out!
We can make Dorie’s Cookies! Let’s do this!
Dorie’s cookies are so good and now she has a WHOLE cookbook dedicated to cookies! You have to get it. First of all, it’s heavy. If you think this is just a flimsy cookbook of cookies, you are so wrong. It’s Dorie! Of course she gives us all her best cookie recipes!!
I was fortunate enough to be gifted Jammers from her former cookie store Beurre and Sel. They were sooooo delicious. I knew what I had to make first!
2016-11-07_05-15-48Jammers are shortbread dough, topped with jam and surrounded by a buttery streusel topping. Really, does it get any better?

To get 1/4″ dough… Read More

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