Instant Pot Artichokes

These Instant Pot Artichokes are so easy to make! Only a handful of ingredients and you’ll have a healthy and versatile snack!

one Instant Pot Artichokes on a small plateWhy you will LOVE This Recipe

If you’re new to the FFF family, you need to know that I LOVE My kitchen gadgets. Around here, my air fryer works on high gear multiple times a week, and so does my instant pot. The instant pot has delivered with instant pot butternut squash, instant pot steamed broccoli, and countless other recipes! Today, it is going to do its thing ONCE AGAIN with instant pot artichokes. If you don’t cook and eat artichok… Read More

Widespread Layoffs, Is Precision Fermentation Safe? + More

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Every week we track the business, tech and investment trends in CPG, retail, restaurants, agriculture, cooking and health, so you don’t have to. Here are some of this week’s top headlines.

Layoffs, shutdowns and cuts across food tech are getting serious, and no sector underscores that more right now than restaurant tech. One CEO, Chris Webb of ChowNow, believes that while business is strong for now, everyone is nervous about what the coming months will bring, and this dynamic has created the widespread layoffs we’re now seeing. ChowNow itself just cut nearly 100 employees, and several others including NextBite, Sunday, and DoorDash, also had to make some tough choices.

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Armenian-Style Potato Salad – It’s Complicated (Not the Salad, the Emotions)

I really hope the following scenario never plays out, because no one should be forced to make such an impossible decision, but if I was at a cookout and told I had to choose between the grilled meat main course, and the potato salad, I would pick the later without hesitation. Yes, that’s how much I love…to read the rest of Chef John’s article about Armenian-Style Potato Salad please follow this link to become a member.)

Follow this link to get a complete, printable written recipe for Armenian-Style Potato Salad!

And, as always, enjoy!

If you want more information about why the blog format has changed, and why we’re now offering complete written recipes, please read all about that here. 

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Roasted Leeks

These Roasted Leeks are healthy and will go with just about any main course you’re cooking up! Simple, healthy, and tasty!

Roasted Leeks in a dish being picked up with a forkWhy you will LOVE This Recipe

In my opinion, one of the BEST side dishes to your protein is a good pan of perfectly seasoned, perfectly roasted veggies! I’m always down for some roasted kabocha squash or cumin roasted carrots, so today we are going to add some more roasted deliciousness to the blog! Introducing oven roasted leeks to the crew- these leeks are healthy, tasty and roasted to perfection, what’s NOT to love?! On top of all of that… Read More