Starbucks Inspired Homemade Protein Bistro Snack Pack

Starbucks-Inspired Protein Snack Pack

Starbucks Copycat Protein Bistro Packs
You know those packaged Starbucks Bistro Protein Packs? I love to pick them up along with my “Tall, Decaf, Soy, No Foam Latte” (yes, a little high maintenance order there…but I can’t have caffeine and I want as much soy milk as possible so no foam…but I digress). Anyway, the latte is already $3.75 and the protein pack “snack” adds another $5.25 to the order and poof…the balance on my Starbucks app goes away pretty quickly.

Every time I pick one up, I think “I can make this myself.” Also, I don’t eat the cheese that’s inside so I’m wasting food – in addition to the plastic container. But the little tasty bread rounds are my favorite and the limiting factor in making the packs myself.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions Alive All Year

By the end of February, most New Year’s fitness resolutions are abandoned.

Gold’s Gym analyzed check-in data among its more than three million members over the past four years. Researchers found that gym attendance among new members begins dwindling 41 days after the New Year (Feb. 10), with most new gym-goers falling off what they call the “fitness cliff” by Feb. 24. Jamie Eason — a fitness magazine cover model, writer, and public speaker— has tips to help keep your fitness resolutions on track this year.

1. Invest In It

“Buy yourself new exercise clothes, sneakers, or a workout bag,” says Eason. Doing so will prove to yoursel… Read More

Lace Cookies – Or Florentine If You’re Fancy

If you asked the average person to name their five favorite cookies, these lace cookies, also known as Florentine cookies wouldn’t make it on to many of those lists, which is kind of surprising for several reasons. First of all, they’re incredibly simple to prepare, and the dough… to read the rest of Chef John’s article about this Lace Cookies recipe, please follow this link to become a member.)

Follow this link to get a complete, printable written recipe for Lace Cookies!

And, as always, enjoy! 

If you want more information about why the blog format has changed, and why we’re now offering complete written recipes, please read all about that here. 

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Land O’ Lake’s Meyer Lemon Snack Cake

Lemon Snack Cake
Meyer Lemon Snack Cake
This is a great morning snack cake! I love snack cakes because they have no or limited frosting and they are perfect with breakfast – you never feel like you are eating a heavy dessert. The tang of the lemon is a perfect way to start your morning. This recipe “only” uses less than a stick of butter so it isn’t super rich. And because of that, you can sneak pieces throughout the day. 🙂 Just sayin.
Lemon Snack Cake
Baked in an 8″ square pan, you can get 9 really big pieces or more smaller ones. I cut several of these into triangles and they looked cute.
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